Skipton Art Series 2017

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The Skipton Art Series is a Programme of projects and events that are being run throughout 2017, which act as a forum for celebrating the visual arts in Jersey.

Central Commissioning Pot for Visual Arts in 2017

After reflection on the discussions held at our meetings,and on hearing about many of your ambitions for potential creative projects, we have decided to reallocate the funds that were to go into realising the Printing Project, into a central commissioning pot for visual arts projects in 2017 around creating new work and engaging the community.
We have been inspired by the suggestions that have already been put forward to us by artists about projects that they would love to run if they had the necessary resources to, and so we felt that it would be great to be able to make these projects happen.
For this reason, the Printing Project will now no longer take place, and we will be extending the deadline for applications for project proposals until 15 March to give people more time to gather thoughts and prepare their proposals for submission. Concepts can be sent in initially and the more detailed formatted proposals can always follow if people need more time to put the details together. Dependent on the amount of funding left we may also invite further proposals to be submitted later in the year.
Proposals must include the following criteria to be considered for a Skipton Art Series commissioning grant (please read the attached Overview document for further criteria):
  • Projects must revolve around the creation of new work and must engage with members of the community. This may be in the making of work, or as a participant or as an audience.
  • Applications can come in from groups or individuals.
  • Applications must be clearly planned and costed – though if Applicants need help with this they can contact us.
  • There is no set amount for each project, applicants can ask for what they need, though should bear in mind that it is unlikely that any individual application will receive more than £2,000.
  • The delivery of the project/work should be completed within a year of the application.

More information about the proposals can be found here: Skipton Art Series Commissioning Grants Overview or by emailing:

Applications can be made by filling out a general Jersey Arts Trust grant application form: JAT Grant Application Form January 2017, but must clearly state in their application that they are a ‘Skipton Art Series’ project proposal. Applications must be submitted before the deadline of 15 March 2017.

Link Gallery Take-Over

Skipton International is to sponsor Jersey Heritage’s Link Gallery from the start of 2017. The Gallery, which is owned by Jersey Heritage, is set in a corridor linking Jersey Museum & Art Gallery to the Société Jersiaise. Each month, the gallery features an exhibition by a different Jersey artist, providing them with a central space in St Helier to showcase their work.

As part of the Skipton Arts Series, Jersey Arts Trust will take over the programming of the space for a three-month Summer Takeover.

Jim Coupe, Managing Director, Skipton International, said: “We have been committed to the arts in Jersey for a number of years though our partnership with the Jersey Arts Trust and sponsorship of the Skipton Arts Series and Skipton Open Studios. The Link Gallery offers Jersey artists a free space in the middle of town to exhibit their work. During the three-month Summer Takeover the JAT will transform the space and bring more artists together to create and display new work.”

The Summer Takeover will take place over May, June and July, allowing a larger number of Jersey artists to showcase work to locals and tourists during the busier summer months.

Jersey Arts Trust is inviting artists to submit proposals for ideas to programme the Gallery for two months. Projects or exhibits proposed for the space can vary in duration, and could last for a number of days up to a full month.

Proposal applications for the Link Gallery can be made by filling out a general Jersey Arts Trust grant application form: JAT Grant Application Form January 2017.

(Applicants should state in their proposal that the proposal is for the Link Gallery space as part of the Skipton Arts Series). All applications must be submitted before the deadline of 15 March 2017. Those wanting more information or to discuss proposals should contact Alice Bravery on

Paper Talks

Last November saw the opening of the hugely successful ‘Paper Dialogues – the Dragon and our Stories’ exhibition at St. Helier Town Hall. The exhibition was a collection of stunning paper-cut art by Professor Xiaoguang Qiao from China and Norwegian artist Karen Bit Vejle, who were invited to the Island by Jersey Arts Trust. The work comprised a 9 meter long paper-cut dragon and 7 dragon eggs – a collaboration that told the story of Xiaoguang Qiao and Karen Bit Vejle’s quest in search of dragons. The exhibition ran for two weeks, during which time over 5,000 visitors including 600 students came to see the work.

But the dialogue has only just begun…

During their time in Jersey, Professor Xiaoguang and Karen Bit Vejle ran Masterclasses to teach seven local artists how to paper-cut. Thanks to the ongoing support of Skipton International, through the Skipton Art Series and the One Foundation, artists Abi Overland, Anna Shipley, Ben Robertson, Joanna Brown, Karen Le Roy Harris, Lizi Hill and Maria Tarrant will be creating their own pieces of paper-cut art, as well as leading community workshops, in 2017.

With their new skills they will create their own pieces of paper-cut work and will be responsible for igniting a huge community outreach programme with local school children and the general public. As a legacy to the Paper Dialogues exhibition, the work created by students and the community will form Jersey’s ‘paper dialogue’ in the form of our own paper-cut dragon.

All of the work created (by artists, students and the community) will be exhibited in a celebratory showcase in 2017 titled ‘Paper Talks’. The exhibition will tell the story of the process and relations that have formed as well as what has been discovered through the work.

Artists interested in participating in any of the Skipton Art Series projects should contact: Alice Bravery at: or by calling 617521.