Link Gallery Takeover: Sam Carney

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The third in a series of Jersey Heritage Link Gallery Takeovers is taking place at the Link Gallery between Monday 19th June – Friday 30th June. Artist Sam Carney presents his exhibition of sketches taken from his recent ‘Drawing from Experience’ sketch walk. The collection of work, created by the participants on the walk, will be exhibited in the space.

The Takeover is the third exhibition in the series, which is part of our Skipton Arts Series initiative. The takeovers will continue throughout the summer at the Link Gallery, showcasing the work of local artists.

Future Takeovers…

Will Bertram: Terrarium Making Workshop 

Monday 3rd July – Saturday 8th July

Inspired by similarly successful terrarium making workshops in Galleries in cities such as London, this week long project involves local multimedia artist Will Bertram offering Terrarium Making workshops for local people within the Link Gallery space. The public is invited to bring a terrarium vessel of their choosing – such as a jug or a fish tank – and to build their own terrarium inside it with Will’s guidance. The workshop will provide the tools for the terrarium building to take place and all of the finished creations will be left on display for the remainder of the week until their creators collect them.

 Ben Robertson, Abi Overland, Will Bertram: Mural Project

Monday 10th July – Friday 21st July

The Mural Project involves three local artists working with members of the public to create three murals in St Helier’s town centre. Designs, produced by the artists, will be inspired and informed by the people who pass by them on a daily basis. The walls will be selected in areas that are currently in disrepair or are under appreciated, yet have huge potential. The Artists will display a collection of information, original designs and photography/footage tracking the process of the project in the Link Gallery as part of a 2-week exhibition.

Amber Hahn: An Exhibition of Live Performance

Monday 24th July – Saturday 29th July

Up and coming young fine artist Amber Hahn will use the Link Gallery as a site to explore and devise new site-specific choreographies with a group of performers. The week take-over will involve the Link Gallery acting as both an open rehearsal/devising space where Amber and her performers will experiment and explore choreographing within the space, and also act as the site for the performances of the choreographies. The public is invited to come and visit the space any point during the week to either observe the creative process of the young artist and her team or watch the performances of the work-in-development choreographies