Skipton Art Series: Mural Project

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As part of this year’s Skipton Art Series, Jersey Arts Trust created a central commissioning pot for visual arts projects in 2017 around creating new work and engaging the community.

With painting beginning on Thursday 13th July at various sites around St. Helier, a small team of local artists, headed up by Ben Robertson, will be working with members of the public to ask who they are, what inspires them, and what makes Jersey, to inspire a series of new murals in St Helier.

The mural sites – the West-facing façade of 23 Colomberie Street and the side of the Randalls owned building between Seville St and Canon St – are areas that have been specifically selected by the artists in order to give them new life. Working alongside Ben, artists Abi Overland and Will Bertram will be using their original designs to bring large-scale art onto the streets of Jersey.

Alice Bravery, Producer at Jersey Arts Trust, said: “Murals are an incredibly important means to bring Art to the public sphere, as they are seen by an incredibly wide audience that might not otherwise set foot in a gallery. We’ve seen the power of public murals to enliven, energize and uplift environments that may otherwise go unnoticed, and that they can have a real impact upon the attitude of passersby. Created by three young local artists, and inspired by the island as well as local people within it, we hope these murals will communicate a sense of community and inspire conversations among those that walk past them.”

To capture the process, an exhibition at Jersey Heritage’s Link Gallery will display some of the original mural designs, photography, and information around the project. The exhibition will open on Monday 17th July and continue until Sunday 23rd July.

Skipton Art Series so far

The Skipton Art Series was formed in 2015 as a new umbrella term that encompasses the Skipton Open Studios as well as other community arts events. The 2015 programme included the Les P’tits Faîtchieaux project, where schools, community groups and the general public made thousands of small clay figures, which were then distributed to countries all around the world. The Skipton Art Series for 2015 was rounded up with the incredibly popular Jersey Projection Gallery, which saw some of Jersey’s most important work be shown together, for the first time, on the façade of Normans Commercial Buildings.


So far this year, the Skipton Art Series has been behind a large 3D paper dragon installation at Jersey Library, which was created by artists and the community as part of the Skipton Art Series initiative ‘Paper Talks’. Seven Jersey artists using the paper-cuts of over 600 students from over 22 schools, dozens of community groups, and the general public, have created the nine metre long sculptural installation.

A ‘Paper Talks Artist Response Exhibition’ at Jersey Arts Centre’s Berni Gallery showcases a body of paper-cut work from artists Abi Overland, Anna Shipley, Ben Robertson, Joanna Brown, Karen Le Roy Harris, Lizi Hill and Maria Tarrant who have taken inspiration from last November’s Internationally renowned ‘Paper Dialogues’ exhibition at the Town Hall.

The seven Jersey artists selected for the project undertook paper-cutting master classes with artists Professor Xiaoguang Qiao from China and Norwegian artist Karen Bit Vejle, where they were trained in the art of paper-cutting. The results of the group’s exhibition is an impressive array of art works in different mediums, reflecting the diverse backgrounds of each of the artists involved.