Amber Hahn: The Minor Gesture

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As part of this year’s Skipton Art Series, London based artist Amber Hahn will present The Minor Gesture – a new body of work that will be created during her week-long takeover of Jersey Heritage’s Link Gallery.

From Monday 24th July – Saturday 29th July, Amber will use the gallery space as a site to explore and devise new site-specific choreographies with a group of performers from Goldsmiths College of Art. The week take-over will involve the Link Gallery acting as both a training ground for the invention of techniques coming out of collective experimentation and also act as the site for the live events of the choreographies.

The public is invited to come and visit the space any point during the week to either observe the creative process of the young artist and her team or watch performances of Amber’s ‘works-in-development’.

Jersey Arts Trust producer, Alice Bravery, said: “It’s exciting to see the Link Gallery, a space traditionally associated with visual art, being reimagined by a young up-and-coming artist as a site for performance. This week is as much an experiment for Amber in how to work in and choreograph with an unconventional space, as it is about the possible end result. I hope that the public will make the most out of this opportunity to be a fly-on-the-wall for her creative process, and that it will help the audience to make the conscious link between the Artist and their Artwork through that journey of experimentation, exploration and discovery.”

The choreography will unfold over two different temporal formats: daily ‘Procedures’ where the gallery will become an open rehearsal/devising space followed by ‘Intervals’ – live events on the Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon. We welcome you to feel free to walk around the space and performers, to observe by standing or sitting and to spend as much or as little time as you desire in the gallery.

Exhibition opening hours:


Thursday: 27th July, 7pm

Saturday: 29th July, 1pm


Monday: 2pm – 5pm

Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 2pm, 3pm – 4pm

The Minor Gesture is developed in collaboration with and performed by Rafael Escardo Espejo, Adam Wells and Ben Wells.