World’s First Virtual Reality Exhibition

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We’re really excited to be supporting the world’s first virtual reality exhibition, ‘Flux’, which is due to be held at Liberty Wharf on the 16th September. The exhibition will be a mix of virtual reality, creative art and experiential events to allow artists and visitors to “step into a dream world where there are no limits.” The event is the brainchild of Virtual Reality Jersey and, who want to invite visitors into an infinite universe without laws and boundaries.

The exhibition involving 10 local artists - Abi OverlandSam Carney, Danny Romeril, Will Romeril, Oli NightingaleWill BertramKerry-Jane WarnerBeni Robo (Bokra), Kumo and Sam Bullock - will be held at Unit 16 at Liberty Wharf from 10am to 4pm.

The exhibition will present original pieces created by the artists using virtual reality tools. The pieces will be displayed in three different formats at Liberty Wharf, in a virtual reality booth to allow visitors to step into the paintings, as a projection to see every brush stroke being added to the piece and finally as physical 2D prints and 3D models.

Zero, Flux’s organisers virtual persona, says: “We gave them access to six different tools to use, from spray painting to 3D brushes or model painting. We asked them to create a piece with their existing style with a virtual twist on it. It has been amazing to see what they came up with, the standard has been incredible. Watching them work in the virtual world and seeing them get so excited about it that they got tangled up in the wires was also very entertaining.”

Following the exhibition, a themed event will open for a select few. There are only 150 tickets available at the price of £1,000 each. Some invitations and discount codes are flying around but they are running out fast, with a third of the tickets already sold. “They are hot properties,” says Zero.” This will be the first time in the world a virtual reality art exhibition is showcased to the public. It is great for Jersey!” The evening will include themed cocktails and technical clothing in order to blur the lines between what’s real and virtual.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to see art as you’ve never seen it before!