Appeal for Artist Lock-In Materials

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At the end of the month 12 Artists from around the world will begin our Artist Lock-In at Elizabeth Castle, under the guidance of Facilitator Sue Hill, former Artistic Director of the Eden Project and Associate Director of WildWorks Theatre Company. The artists will spend their time on the castle making work, as well as living there, and will not leave for ten days. They will be truly ‘locked in’.

As a registered charity with a limited budget, we are hugely reliant on the generous support of local people and companies to make our projects happen. Ahead of the project’s launch, we’re attempting to get our hands on a few vital bits and pieces (some more obscure than others) that the artists will be using to create their collaborative work. If you’re able to help out in any way, by donating or lending us any of the listed items, we’d be hugely grateful! Please contact: or call us on 617521.

20 x 4 metre long, 40mm thick bamboo canes (donated)

50 x 1.5 metre thin bamboo garden canes (donated)

Stacks of newspaper (donated)

Assorted cardboard boxes and thin card (donated)

Lengths of assorted fabric, preferably plain colours  (donated)

Scrap store loot and other interesting stuff (donated)

Large roll black polythene (donated)

Large roll clear polythene (donated)

White cotton bed sheets (donated)

Rubber tyre inner tube (donated)

Candles and tea lights (donated)

Hacksaw (lent to return)

Stapleguns (lent to return)

Staplers (lent to return)

Hammers (lent to return)

Glueguns (lent to return)

Hand drills or drill drivers and drill bits (lent to return)

Small sewing kit – needles, pins, etc. (lent to return)

Sewing Machine (lent to return)

Dressers Mannequins

Milliners head-blocks (lent to return)

Overhead Projector (lent to return)

Data projector (lent to return)

Extension leads (lent to return)

Pico projectors (lent to return)

Screwdrivers and Chisels (assorted) (Any other toolbox items) (lent to return)

Paint – various acrylics and watercolours plus white matt emulsion (donated)

Cross cut saws (lent to return)

Tarpaulin (donated or lent to return)


Thank you in advance!