The mission of Jersey Arts Trust (JAT) is to provide a loving home for the creative process. We believe in the transformational role of the arts and how they are a centre stone in people’s lives. Whether it be as a participant or a viewer, it is almost certain that everyone engages in artistic activity in some form or another.

JAT supports the development and creation of new works of art in all disciplines (music, visual art, film, theatre, dance etc.) to inspire, entertain and engage with audiences and the wider community.

JAT recognises that there are two key ways that the widest possible number of people engage and benefit from artistic activity:

1) Through it being completely accessible (i.e. anyone can have a go)

2) Through it being high quality and inspiring and the public become active consumers of the work.

These activities generally require different types of support and stimulation to flourish but then become intricately linked in a virtuous circle (if people are inspired, they are more likely to want to have a go, and the more people having a go the more material will eventually be made that inspires).

The role of the JAT grants is to support Jersey artists in their pursuit of either and both of these aims.

We are interested in hearing from artists about initiatives that will support them to become better artists and create work that will entertain and inspire audiences (locally and internationally) AND/OR proposals for taking the arts into the community in an exciting and professional way.

Before you apply…

Please read through the Guidance Notes carefully before you fill in the application, they will give you important and helpful guidance on the type of information we need from you to be able to assess your application. The guidelines should also answer any questions you have about the assessment process and how we make our decisions.

The Application Form is also designed to help you succeed with your request. It may highlight areas which you have not considered and assist you with your planning. If you have any queries please contact Jersey Arts Trust on 01534 617521.

Please ensure that there is sufficient time for your application to be processed. We ask, if possible, minimum of 3 months between your application being received by the Jersey Arts Trust and when your project begins, and all applications should be submitted up to 2 weeks before the corresponding Board meeting.

The dates of the Board meetings for 2017 are:

Thursday 20th July
Thursday 31st August
Thursday 2nd November
Thursday 7th December