Inter-Island Artist Lock-In

To coincide with Jersey’s hosting of the 2015 NatWest Island Games, the Jersey Arts Trust produced an Inter-Island Artist Lock-in at Elizabeth Castle. To mirror the inclusive and cooperative ethos of the Island Games, we invited one Artist from each participating island to spend ten days at the Castle to develop shared work around the theme of ‘Islandness’.

In association with WildWorks and Jersey Heritage, the Inter-Island Artist Lock-In was a professionally facilitated residency project that brought Artists of a variety of disciplines (music, dance, visual arts, literature, film, literature, performance), ages, backgrounds and experiences together to learn from each other and respond to their surroundings. The intention was to provide Artists with the time and space to consider new ways of working and collaborating with people of different practices.



How does it work?

The Artists were in residence at Elizabeth Castle from Monday 22nd June until Thursday 2nd July 2015 and were taken through a series of tasks that encouraged teamwork and creative thinking. As the residency progressed, the tasks became more focused, until the participants were left to work together to make shared pieces which were showcased to an audience over the final two days of the residency.
The project was fully residential with no Artist leaving the Island of Elizabeth Castle at any point during the process – they were truly ‘locked in’.

The Inter-Island Artist Lock-in was facilitated by Sue Hill who is the Associate Director of WildWorks – the renowned international theatre company best known for its 2011 production of ‘The Passion’ with Michael Sheen in Port Talbot. From 2000 – 2006, Sue was also the Artistic Director for the Eden Project, developing their innovative interpretation strategy, commissioning artists, writers and performers to illuminate Eden’s ideas and messages.

Check out the video above to get a taste for what took place for the resident artists at Elizabeth Castle during the Inter-Island Artist Lock-In.

The Inter-Island Artist Lock-In project was the third of Jersey Arts Trust’s Artist Lock-In projects to date. Check out the 2014 Artist Lock-In page for more information about the pilot project at Elizabeth Castle and the Artist Lock In page for updates on future Artist Lock-In projects.