Bedell Creative Arts Programme 2014-2015

The Bedell Creative Arts Programme 2014/15 was launched in November 2014 to find local artists interested in making collaborative new work. Following on from the first instalment of the Programme and the subsequent Original Works Concert in 2013, the Jersey Arts Trust selected the nine Artists to take part in the year-long Programme. Sam Falle, Todd MacDonald, Olivia Muscat, Jacqueline Mezec, Christian Foley, Rebecca Coley, Amber Hahn, Liz Shea and Jack Chown were selected for the Programme out of 60 other applicants.

“Often the most gratifying ‘art’ to experience as an audience member is something where a number of people have brought their various skills and combined them into one collective piece. Movies, music videos, large inter-active gallery pieces, theatre, opera, television are all examples of outputs where a number of creative people have worked together on one final product. The key official word is collaboration. The Bedell Creative Arts Programme offers local artists from a variety of disciplines (music, dance, film, spoken word, visual art etc…) the opportunity to collaborate and work together on something that they would not be able to achieve working in isolation.” - Tom Dingle, Director of the Jersey Arts Trust.

The development side of the Programme was split into two intense weeks under the guidance of three professional international facilitators. During their first week together in April the artists underwent a series of tasks that got them to think about how their individual skills could be used collectively and gain a better understanding of the process of collaboration. It was in effect a type of structured play. The Artists came together again for an intensive week of final development in August 2015 where they made a series of shared pieces utilising the processes they had learned. During that time, they had access to all corners of the Jersey Opera House utilising the technical team and equipment to help realise their creative ambitions.

The Programme culminated in an Original Works Showcase at Jersey Opera House at the end of August 2015. The evening provided the local audience an opportunity to see what had been made during the year of collaborations and development amongst the artists. The Showcase saw cutting edge new work that spanned all artistic genres, with a combination of live music, dance, film, spoken word and moving image.

The Bedell Creative Arts Programme is a Jersey Arts Trust project working in partnership with Jersey Opera House. It is made possible through the generous sponsorship of Bedell and the One Foundation.

Check out the Bedell Creative Arts Programme page to find out more information about the 2012-13 version of the project, as well as updates on future Creative Arts Programme initiatives to come.